Deluxe Adult Costumes

Deluxe Adult Costumes

The highest quality costumes available for a range of different characters, time periods, and licensed costumes. These costumes are perfect for when you need to look your best such as themed weddings or high end theatrical performances.

Our deluxe adult costumes line includes a wide range of different time periods all the way back to acient Egypt, Greek costumes, roman costumes, medieval costumes, Victorian and Gibson costumes, American Civil War era costumes including both Confederate and Union soldiers and officers as well as southern belles.

The deluxe adult costumes also include fictional, iconic, and story book costumes, a few of these include Uncle Sam, The Cowardly Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, Robin Hood, mermaids, and more.

There are also high quality licensed costumes that can be used for Halloween or as an collectors items including Batman, Superman, Halo, and Star Wars.

Looking for Colonial Era costumes for both men and women – our deluxe line of costumes has many different options to cover different characters and classes.

Looking to edge out the competition at a costume contest then the realistic authentic look of these adult costumes will help you win the title of "best costume"

Men, want to take suiting up to the next level? We have a range of different suits from a different time periods, in different colors and fabrics that will give you a unique look and set you apart.

As well as all of these other high quality costumes

  • Cowboy and Native American Deluxe Adult Costumes
  • Dolly Levi Hello Dolly Deluxe Adult Costume
  • King Henry the VIII Deluxe Adult Costume
  • Flapper and Gangster Deluxe Adult Costume
  • …and many more different deluxe high quality adult costumes

In addition to selling these deluxe costumes The Costumer has a rental collection of high quality costumes that can be rented for a fraction of the price of deluxe sale costumes, making them perfect for one off costume events.