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The Costumer has been a major force in the costume industry since 1917, involved in everything from Vaudeville to films. My husband Jack and I, both former High School Theatre teachers, bought the business in 1974. Having come face to face with the many challenges of directing productions, our focus was to reshape the business to support Scholastic Theatre. Jack and I have directed scores of shows on every level: scholastic, collegiate, civic and professional. I know all too well the innumerable frustrations faced by directors. The challenges confronted when dealing with various vendors and suppliers can be so overwhelming they sometimes take your focus away from the real importance of your work. Costume rental houses, script renters, makeup suppliers, prop suppliers, drop renters, the list goes on and on.We found that few were concerned with our individual needs or sympathetic to the anxieties associated with putting a show together. Through these experiences we realized there was a “hole to be filled.” This lead us to “change hats” and become costumers.

From the start we committed ourselves to creating a foundation for our business based on our customer’s needs. We listened, we understood. For the last 35 years our goal has been to make your job easier. You can rely on The Costumer. Your worries, anxieties and frustrations are recognized and shared. We strive to provide the best costumes, policies, terms, and merchandise available.Most importantly we love our job! We welcome you with warmth and friendliness. Call The Costumer and please try to reach one of us, as we want to talk to you and hear about your show. Please remember that whatever you need, it is not too much or too little to ask for. The Costumer looks forward to having a part in your next show.
Kathe Sheehan