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"Bob" Wig | The Costumer
Price: $27.98
Belle Wig | The Costumer
Price: $19.98
Black Rasta Wig | The Costumer
Price: $29.98
Braided Wig | The Costumer
Price: $23.98
Burlesque Wig | The Costumer
Price: $29.98
Cinderella Child's Wig | The Costumer
Price: $19.98
Curly Santa Wig | The Costumer
Price: $74.98
Deluxe Show Girl Wig | The Costumer
Price: $34.98
Double Braided Wig | The Costumer
Price: $19.98
Heavy Metal Rocker Wig | The Costumer
Price: $19.98
Island Dreads Wig | The Costumer
Price: $24.98
Loose Beach Wave Bob Wig | The Costumer
Price: $19.98
Ombre Crinkle Dreads | The Costumer
Price: $27.98
Santa Beard | The Costumer
Price: $9.98
Spiral Clown Wig | The Costumer
Price: $19.98
Surfer Dude Wig | The Costumer
Price: $19.98
Voodoo Priestess Wig | The Costumer
Price: $29.98
Wavy Blue Wig | The Costumer
Price: $19.98

Costume Wigs, Beards, Mustaches, and Hair

No costume is complete without the perfect Theatrical Quality Wig or Human Hair Beards and Moustaches to top it off.

We keep a selection of hundreds of costume wigs, fake beards, costume moustaches, even costume mullet wigs (you don’t really want to have to grow one of your own, do you?) in stock throughout the year. Because we know that you never know when someone’s going to throw a party and you'll need a costume accessorized just right for it.

Put the finishing touches on your costume with a wig, beard or moustache from The Costumer.

Whether it’s Halloween, a costumed New Year’s party or a celebration of any type where you need a costume, you’ll need a costume wig to complete the look. And for that perfect costume wig, look no further than The Costumer.

Costume Wigs, moustaches and beards of nearly every shape, length and colorize. We even offer a new line of Biblical themed costume beards, costume wigs and costume moustaches

Whatever you need, you’ll find it here. We’ve got it all, including:

  • Costume hair in dozens of colors for cosplay and clowns
  • Costume wigs in all shapes and sizes
  • Beard and wig combos
  • Halloween costume wigs to match nearly any Halloween costume
  • Fake beards and moustaches in whatever size and length you want
  • Even costume mullet hair, in case you want to come as Joe Dirt
  • False eyelashes and fake eye brows
  • Disguise Facial Hair
  • Beards and Moustaches for Movember
  • Santa Wig and Beards

Ladies, our selection includes the always popular pink costume wig and a variety of blonde costume wigs. There only real limit when it comes to our costume wig, beard and moustache selection is your imagination.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the perfect hair for your costume, at The Costumer.