Skimmers, Boaters & Straw Hats

Skimmers, Boaters, and Other Straw Hats

Boater and Skimmer hats are used by a number of different characters from gondoliers, school girls, pirates, Amish, or political. The Costumer also carries a number of other styles of straw hats.

Floppy Sun Hat
Price: $8.98
Panama Straw Hat
Price: $6.98
Plantation Hat
Price: $3.98
Straw Bird's Nest Hat
Price: $3.98
Straw Conical Hat
Price: $9.98
Straw Fedora Hat
Price: $6.98
Straw Gambler's Hat
Price: $12.98
Straw Hat with Ribbon
Price: $9.98
Toyo Skimmer Hat
Price: $24.98