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Armor, Helmets, and Shields

Armor from Head to Toe

From helmets, to breastplates, to belts, and leg guards we have costume helmets, armor, and shields to "protect" you from head to toe.

From the ancient Greeks and Romans to medieval Knights and everything in between The Costumer has a wide selection of armor, helmets, and shields that are designed to recreate the looks of the protection that was worn historically by different armies.

Shields come in many different styles from round shields to stylized shields with many different coat of arms including dragons, Templar Knights, and even Link's shield from The Legend of Zelda.

The Costumer offers different styles of chest armor from solids such as those worn by the Romans and early knights in full armor (made of plastic) to chain mail pieces (made of fabric).  

Real life, fantasy, and in between (Hollywood History) The Costumer is here to help you find the right look.

From crusader helmets to Roman Centurion Helmets, Viking helmets and Spartan Helmets we have costume helmets that span the centuries.

Let The Costumer help you build a suit of armor from any period.

  • Greek armor including Spartans, Gods, Demigods, and other mythological figures.
  • Roman armor including gladiators and centurions
  • Medieval including full armor to chainmail pieces
  • Shields including Knights Templar, Medieval, Roman, and Fantasy
  • And a wide range of other options that can be used to create armor for Halloween, Cosplay, LARPing, theatrical productions, and much more.

The Costumer is your source for costume armor, helmets, shields, and more.