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Bells, Whistles and Noise Makers

Price: $7.98
Deluxe Tambourine
Price: $10.98
Economy Finger Cymbals
Price: $4.98
Economy Tambourine
Price: $3.98
Harpo Clown Horn
Price: $2.98
Hotel Call Bell
Price: $9.98
Price: $1.98
Marching Cymbals
Price: $15.98
Mouth Harp
Price: $5.98
Mouth Squeaker
Price: $1.49
Police/Sports Whistle
Price: $3.98
Riverboat Whistle
Price: $4.98
Slide Whistle
Price: $5.98
Small Megaphone
Price: $3.98
Stadium Horm
Price: $6.98
Strap Bell
Price: $24.98
Strap Jingle Bells
Price: $9.98
Thunder Tube
Price: $11.98
Wolf Whistle
Price: $1.98
Wooden Maracas
Price: $7.98
Wooden Train Whistle
Price: $6.98

Make Some Noise

From sporting events to Santa Claus to Clowns there are many reasons to make some noise

What are some of our most popular noise makers? Well for clowns it's the Harpo Clown Horn, Kazoos, mouth squeakers, and the ever popular slide whistle (popular for creating the sound of effects of falling long distances in cartoons). For spot events we have cowbells, whistles, and theatrical trumpets (also known as the Vuvuzela, remember the 2010 World Cup, yes those). For Santa we have hand bells or strap bells, it all depends on your preference.

For theatre we have sound effects can be used on stage or off stage. To create diegetic sound our small and large thunder tubes can be used off stage to create the sound effects of a storm and our call bell and gavel can be used on stage.

The Costumer also has a selection of easy to use musical instruments that can be used by schools, after school programs, community programs, theatres, and other groups for teaching children about music. Some of the instruments that we carry are bells, tambourines, kazoos, and flutes.

Wood whistles are a classic toy that are used to create the sound of either a riverboat whistle or a train whistle.

Thunder tubes are used to create the sound of a thunder storm without the use of digital audio.

Have some found and make some noise with

  • Kazoos, both metal and plastic
  • Whistles of all kinds including slide whistles, wolf whistles, and traditional sport whistles
  • Bells of all kinds strap bells, cow bells, and town crier bells
  • Maracas and Finger cymbals double up as both a fun noise maker and costume prop
  • Grab some attention, have some fun and make some noise

The Costumer provides more than just costumes, we offer costume accessories and props including this range of noise makers and musical instruments that complement our selection of costumes and helps add sound effects to your theatrical production.