Stage and Student Makeup Kits

Makeup Kits for Students or the Stage

Here at The Costumer no show is too large or too small and that goes for theatrical stage makeup kits as well. So if you are shopping for a personal stage makeup kit for one person, a theatrical production makeup kit for a whole theatre, or anywhere in between then you have found the right place!

The Costumer has a wide range of makeup kits that are perfect for everyone no matter skill level, age, or grade. From Ben Nye's Personal Student kits and Mehron's Mini-Pro kits, both of which are perfect for middle school, high school, and community actors to Ben Nye's Theatrical Makeup kits and Mehron's All-Pro kits which are designed for higher level makeup classes such as high school and college, and finally with Ben Nye's Master Film Kit and The Costumer's very own makeup Production Kit, which are designed for classes, theatres, and professional makeup artists.