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Balloons, Pumps, and Balloon Magic

From Clowns to Magicians The Costumer has your balloon needs

Kids of all ages love balloons from animals to hats to swords the costumer carries a wide selection of balloons for creating balloon sculptures of all kinds. The Costumer has a selection of different sizes including 160's, 260's, and 350's…but what does that mean??? Balloons are number based off of two factors diameter and length, the first number refers to the diameter and the second to the length, so a 260 has a 2" diameter and a 60 inch length.

We also have different shapes! Including Bee Body that are great for making bees, ladybugs, and other critters as well as heart shaped balloons.

But what about for magicians? Clowns and magicians go hand in hand many clowns perform simple yet impressive magic tricks and balloons are a great tie in. The Costumer offers the most classic balloon magic trick known to man – The Needle through a Balloon – as well as extra balloons and the lubricating wand needed to maintain the trick.

Balloons for clowns, magicians, balloon sculptures, and hobbyist.

Classic needle thru the balloon magic trick including the trick itself, extra balloons, and needle wand for storage and protection.

Balloons for balloon sculptures.

  • Animal Balloons in 160, 260, and 350 sizes
  • Bee Body Balloons
  • Heart Shape Balloons
  • Whatever the need The Costumer is here to help with your Balloon requirments

Clowns, balloons, and magicians all go together, so be sure to check out The Costumer's selection of magic tricks, accessories, and supplies.