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Die Fledermaus

Die Fledermaus: Music by Johann Strauss. Libretto by Karl Haffner and Richard Genée. Set in opulent Vienna, New Year’s Eve, 1899. At a party several years ago, Dr. Falke’s friend, Eisenstein, ridiculed him and made him the laughing stock of Vienna. This New Year’s Eve, Dr. Falke vows to turn the tables. Falke convinces Eisenstein to go to Prince Orloff’s ball and charm the ladies. Meanwhile, Falke tells Eisenstein’s wife, Rosalinde, to come to the ball in disguise and watch her husband flirt with other women. A  pandemonium of mistaken-identities, ambition, and intrigue follows. Will Rosalinde and Eisenstein be able to rekindle their marriage? Will Dr. Falke’s plot succeed? A masterpiece of Viennese opera style, this operetta provides both farcical humor and genuine emotional scenes.

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