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  • The Costumer has been a major force in the costume industry since 1917, involved in everything from Vaudeville to films. Dating back to its establishment by Mrs. Anna White, through the 42 year custodianship by the Sheehan family and now under the care of the Johnsen family, The Costumer has abided to its mission of providing an unmatched customer experience. Our passion for uniquely serving scholastic theater is rooted in the Sheehan family pedigree of directing productions and firsthand understanding of the challenges and anxieties directors face. The accumulated institutional DNA is now being fortified by the positive transformational impact that the Johnsen family have witnessed in their children through scholastic theater. I believe our approach to easing the production process for directors and perspective on how the lives of students are enriched through theater is a powerful combination. Now in our Centennial year, The Costumer remains committed to our customer’s needs. We continue to listen, empathize and provide solutions that make your job easier. You can rely on our passionate and knowledgeable employees because they love serving you by providing the best costumes, policies, terms, and merchandise available. Please remember that whatever you need, it is not too much or too little to ask for. The Costumer looks forward to having a part in your next show and being a leader in the industry for the next 100 years!

    Erik Johnsen