Santa Suit Hints - How to be Santa

Whether you are looking to rent a Santa suit or to buy a Santa suit, here are a few Santa hints to help you you learn how to be Santa and create a picture perfect Santa Costume!

You should never allow jewelry to be seen while in Santa Costume. Always wear white gloves with your Santa Suit to cover wedding and other rings.

Wire rimmed glasses are recommended to help disguise the wearer’s eyes, it makes him less recognizable and completes the Santa costume.

Never smoke while wearing a Santa wig and beard. Stains as a result of smoking cannot be removed from the hair and will permanently damage the Santa wig and beard set.

Boot tops are always put on with the shoes off. Slip the boot tops on and then put the shoes on. This gives the Santa Suit a more professional look.

The elastic on a Santa beard should cross at the very center top of the head The elastic should never go behind the ears and to the back of the head. You want the elastic to pull the beard up. Use hair pins to hold the elastic bands of the Santa wig and beard in place.

If the Santa is less then a size 46/48, the standard true Santa size, he should be padded. Santa padding is available from The Costumer in both white or red and is recommended. In a pinch, a down pillow (not a foam pillow) can be used. Pin one end of the pillow to an undershirt across the uppers chest area. Allowing the feathers to settle to the bottom of the pillow, this creates a natural tummy look under the Santa suit.

Remember a quality Santa wig and beard set can make the most humble Santa suit look good. An inexpensive Santa wig and beard can make the most wonderful Santa suit look awful.

The inexpensive Santa Suits and Santa wig and beard sets that we carry are intended for adult parties and events where children will not be present. Kids know what Santa looks like!

A rule of thumb in selecting a Santa suit is the higher the price, the more realistic the Santa suit. However please note that those Santa suits in our mid-price range are our biggest sellers, and are the very best and most used Santa suits anywhere.

Here at The Costumer we sell Santa suits as well as rent Santa suits. Click here to view our selection of Santa suits that we have available to purchase. To rent a Santa Suit call our rental department toll free at 1-866-374-7442.

We hope this provided you with all the information you need to learn how to be Santa. If you still have questions? Click here to contact us