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Anastasia: The Musical

Anastasia: The Musical: Music by Stephen Flaherty, lyrics by Lynn Ahrens, and book by Terrance McNally. Based on the 1997 animated film, Anastasia. Anastasia: The Musical is a powerful and emotional tale adapted from the legend that Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia somehow escaped the execution of the Russian royal family during the Bolshevik Revolution. Nearly a decade after the killing of the Tsar and his family, a young amnesiac orphan named Anya is discovered by a pair of con men, Dmitry and Vlad. Intrigued by her resemblance to the missing princess and her few and scattered memories, the pair decide to use her likeness to extract money from Princess Anastasia’s grandmother, the Dowager Empress. However, Soviet General Gleb Vaganov catches wind of the plot, and is hot on the trio’s tail. Anya must rediscover her past and ties to her family all while evading capture and certain death at the hands of the Soviet government in this stirring musical journey.

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Rental Costumes for Anastasia: The Musical 

            What do you get when you request a FREE costume plot from The Costumer?  We will send you the listing and costume description for the entire show, organized by act and scene for your convenience. The Costumer is proud to provide quality Children’s and Young Adult’s rental costumes for productions of Anastasia: The Musical! We offer rental costumes for all of the lead characters, including Anya, the Dowager Empress, Lily, Gleb, Dmitry, and Vlad as well as ensemble members such as Townspeople of St. Petersburg and Paris, Ballet Dancers, Ushers, Communist Officers, and much more!


            Anastasia: The Musical is a musical based on the 1997 animated film, Anastasia, and is adapted from the legend of Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia. The legend of Anastasia was perpetuated by the rumors that the daughter of Tsar Nicholas II somehow managed to escape the execution of her family at the hands of the Bolsheviks in 1918. In the musical version, years after the execution of the Romanov family, an amnesiac orphan named Anya seeks to find traces of her family and uncover her own past as she goes along with a con artist duo’s plan to take advantage of her likeness to the missing princess.


            The musical adaptation of the Russian legend features music by Stephen Flaherty, lyrics by Lynn Ahrens, and book by Terrance McNally. The creative trio had previously brought to life other modern Broadway classics such as Ragtime and Once On This Island. Six songs from the original animated movie were preserved, and 16 new numbers were introduced. Additionally, certain characters from the movie were omitted from the musical, such as Rasputin, while new ones, like Gleb the Bolshevik general, were introduced. The original stage production of Anastasia opened on May 13, 2016 at the Hartford Stage in Hartford, Connecticut. The musical premiered on Broadway at the Broadhurst Theatre in April 2017.


            The story begins with a Prologue set in St. Petersburg, Russia in the year 1906. The Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna comforts her youngest granddaughter, Grand Duchess Anastasia. The 5-year-old girl is saddened that her beloved grandmother is moving to Paris, France, however before leaving, her grandmother leaves her with a music box as a parting gift (“Prologue: Once Upon a December”). Eleven years pass, and while Anastasia is attending a ball with her family, the Romanov royal family, the Bolsheviks invade the palace. As the Romanovs try to evade the invaders and escape the palace, Anastasia attempts to retrieve her treasured music box. The princess is ultimately captured by the Bolsheviks along with the rest of her family (“The Last Dance of the Romanovs”). The Dowager Empress later receives the tragic news that the entire royal family have been executed by the Bolsheviks.


            Fast forwarding to 1927, the Bolsheviks have established the Soviet Union and have controlled Russia for nearly a decade. Gleb Vaganov, a Soviet general announces to the poor and downtrodden Russians that the now impoverished city of St. Petersburg will be renamed Leningrad in honor of the founder of the new government. Gleb promises to his people that a prosperous and peaceful future is on the horizon. The Russians are not impressed by Gleb’s words and protest the name change of their city; however, they are uplifted by the rumor that Princess Anastasia might have escaped execution at the hands of the Bolsheviks all those years ago and may still be alive somewhere. Meanwhile, two wanted con men hear such rumors and brainstorm “the biggest con in history.” The handsome young Dmitry and the ex-Imperial Court member Vlad Popov plan on grooming a naïve girl to pose as Anastasia in order for the duo to extract money from the Dowager Empress (“A Rumor in St. Petersburg”).


            From the very start of this emotional tale, The Costumer will immediately transport your audience to the setting of early 20th century Russia with the help of our fabulous rental costumes! Our rental costumes for Anastasia: The Musical cover every role in the ensemble and will transform each of your actors into their respective characters. During the Prologue, audience members will feel as though they are flies on the wall in the Russian royal palace as they witness the royal ball and see Young Anastasia draped in a luxurious elaborate ballgown, complete with coordinating long white gloves and a royal headpiece. Anastasia’s parents, Tsar Nicholas and Tsarina Alexandra, will be clothed in equally as elegant fashion, with Tsarina Alexandra dressed in an elaborate ballgown, and Tsar Nicholas in a light-colored military uniform complete with epaulettes and a sash with various medals attached. Each of the rulers of Russia will bear a royal crown as well.


            When the action shifts to the late 1920’s when Russia is under communist rule, the ensembles costumes will reflect the change in atmosphere. Gleb will resemble that of a stern Soviet general in a long gray military overcoat, gray military uniform, black gloves, and a coordinating Soviet military cap. Dmitry and Vlad bear resemblance to downtrodden Russian countrymen turned to con artists, with Dmitry in a dark, earthy suit complete with a neck rag and cap, and Vlad in a worn suit from his Imperial Court days, which was once dapper, as well as mismatched brocade vest and patterned ascot.


            The story picks up as Dmitry and Vlad hold unsuccessful auditions to find a suitable imposter for Princess Anastasia. Just as they are about to lose hope, a young amnesiac street sweeper walks in to ask Dmitry about paperwork to get tickets to Paris. Fascinated by the young woman’s likeness to the missing princess and her limited memories of her past (“In My Dreams”), the con artist duo selects Anya to be their imposter. Thus, Anya’s quest to regain her memories and discover her past as she journeys along with Dmitry and Vlad to find the Dowager Empress abroad begins. However, Gleb catches wind of the con artists’ plan as rumors about Princess Anastasia continue to swirl. With Gleb and the Soviet government on their tale, Dmitry, Vlad, and Anya risk their lives to go through with their daring scheme.


            This is only a mere glimpse at what The Costumer has to offer for Anastasia: The Musical! With the help of our rental costumes, let your artistic vision come to life onstage and transport your audience to Anya’s world! Request your free plot today!

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