Anything Goes: Beaumont Theatre Version

Anything Goes: Beaumont Theatre Version: Cole Porter's musical, with an original book by RG Wodehouse, Guy Bolton, Howard Lindsay and Russell Crouse was updated by Timothy Crouse and John Weidman in 1987 at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre. When young assistant Billy Crocker becomes a stowaway on a 1940's transatlantic ship, he convinces his friend, Evangelist turned nightclub singer Reno Sweeney, to help him win the love of debutant Hope Harcourt, engaged to Sir Evelyn Oakleigh. With the help of Reno's showgirl Angels and fellow stowaway Public Enemy #13 Moonface Martin, Billy plans a series of ruses and disguises meant to break the couple apart and give him time alone with Hope. Meanwhile, he must avoid his boss, wall street banker Elisha Whitney, who thinks that Billy is in New York working, not to mention the authorities, who have mistaken him for Public Enemy #1, Snake Eyes Johnson.

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