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Apple Tree

Apple Tree: Jerry Brock and Sheldon Harnick's 1966 musical collection is the dramatization of three different short stories: Mark Twain's The Diary of Adam and Eve, Frank R. Stockton's The Lady or the Tiger and Jules Feiffer's Passionella. All three stories explore the theme of what happens after we get what we want. \In Act I, Adam and Eve learn to negotiate their relationship after they are expelled from the Garden of Eden. In Act II, lovers Princess Barbara and Captain Sanjar are tested when her father, King Arik, sentences him to a trail that will either send him to marry an unknown woman or to be killed by a tiger. In Act III, chimney sweep Ella is granted her heart's desire to become a movie star. She transforms into the gorgeous Passionella from 7pm to 4am every evening, quickly rising to fame, but must cope with the consequences of not being herself when she finds love in singer Flip.

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