Beauty and the Beast The Musical

Beauty and the Beast: The Musical: Songs written by Howard Ashman, Alan Menken and Tim Rice. The Costumer’s hand sculpted and original costumes bring Linda Woolverton's adaptation of Disney's Academy Award Winning classic film to life.  The original Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast ran for 13 years and received nine Tony Award nominations.  Beauty and the Beast is the magical adventure of Prince Adam, enchanted to appear as a Beast and Belle, the kind young woman who breaks the enchantress's spell.  Belle encounters many enchanted wonders inside the castle walls during her journey to teach the Beast to love and be loved.

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Sample Photos of Our Rental Costumes for Beauty and the Beast: The Musical

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Rental Costumes for Beauty and the Beast: The Musical

The Costumer can costume your entire Beauty and the Beast production. When you request a FREE costume plot you will receive a listing and costume description for the entire show, organized by act and scene for your convenience. We offer all of the lead characters including Belle and The Beast, the iconic characters of Mrs. Potts and her son Chip, Lumiere the Candelabra, and Cogsworth the Clock and the antagonist of the show Gaston and his assistant Lefou . The Costumer also offers costumes for the rest of the cast including villagers, knights and a range of enchanted character costumes for the “Be Our Guest” number, 

Beauty and The Beast: The Musical starts with the prologue where we are introduced to the Enchantress who is the one who curses the Prince to become the Beast. The Costumer’s rental costume for the Enchantress allows you to turn her from being disguised as a poor, old, helpless woman into the beautiful Enchantress that she really is. 

The story then changes scenes to the town where we first meet Belle in her signature blue, peasant style ensemble and where we hear the musical numbers “Belle” and “No Matter What”. The Costumer offers theatrical rental costumes for both male and female villages as well as the baker and the butcher. Many of our costumes are unique pieces that are used to create a wide range, yet cohesive look on stage. We also meet the characters of Gaston and Lefou.

In the castle you will find Chip and his Mother, Mrs.Potts come to life in matching Tea Cup and Teapot Costumes. Lumiere lights the way with a lifesize candelabra costume, complete with flames for hands.  Cogsworth the Clock is sure to impress with his 3 foot swinging pendulum and the adventure continues with an endless assortment of enchanted plates, napkins and utensil costumes.

The Costumer's extensive rental costume collection offer flexible options to help you match your vision in costuming your show. The Beauty and the Beast Rental Costume for Madame de la Grande Bouche enchanted as the Wardrobe is a perfect example of this. The costume has the option of either a elegant blonde colonial style tower wig or an ornate, decorative gold scroll headpiece to rent with the costume. With The Costumer you have the option to pick and choose, mix and match, to put together the perfect show rental package that meets your needs.

Of course The show wouldn’t be complete without Belle’s iconic yellow ball gown.  This rental costume is a gorgeous rendition of the classic ball gown as seen in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.  Like all costumes rented from The Costumer, it comes accessorized and complete with elbow length gloves and you even have the option to rent the iconic brunette Belle wig with her signature ringlets.  Continue the love story and discover the iconic rental costume of the Beast.  The Beast wig and beard combination is a show stopper in and of itself with long flowing curls of a beastly mane to the glistening sharp white fangs that are sure to intimidate even the grandest of house guests.

Let Belle the Beast and all of their friends tell the tale as old as time. 

Above you will find a selection of sample pictures of our rental costumes for Beauty and the Beast that includes Belle in Her Iconic Yellow Ballgown and the Beast pictured with rental wig, Cogsworth the Clock pictured both with two different options his colonial style wig and his decorative clock headpiece, Lumiere the Candelabra in his blond colonial rental wig, Mrs. Potts the Teapot, Enchanted Servants as Napkin and Plate and Madame de Grande Bouche enchanted as the Wardrobe in both open and closed states and with two different options an elegant gold headpiece or a rental Colonial wig.

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