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Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas: Inspired by the real life Chicken Range in La Grange, Texas, authors Larry King and Peter Masterson joined forces with composer and lyricist Carol Hall to create this 1970's musical hit. In the tiny Texas town of Gilbert, Miss Mona has been operating a successful brothel, the Chicken Ranch. The establishment has been a part of the town for fifty years and Miss Mona has been friends with the local sheriff Ed Earl Dodd for years. On the day that Miss Mona takes two new employees under her wing, conservative TV personality Melvin P. Thorpe, based on real-life Marvin Zindler, exposes the brothel. Sheriff Dodd warns Miss Mona of the trouble, who laughs it off as she prepares her girls for the upcoming Aggies/Longhorn football game, where Senator Wingwoah has promised the winning team a night at the Chicken Ranch. When Melvin Thorpe shows up in the streets of Gilbert with his camera crew, Sheriff Dodd does his best to run them out of town, but only succeeds temporarily. Melvin Thorpe galvanizes the conservative voices of the state until the Governor must reluctantly shut down the business. Sheriff Dodd is sent to tell Miss Mona the news, who now must decide along with her girls how to start a new life.

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