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Bugsy Malone

Bugsy Malone: Set in 1929 New York City, this slapstick musical based on the spoof film of the same name, centers around the rivalry between the pie-slinging gang of Fat Sam Stacetto and Dandy Dan's hoodlums, armed with modernized splurge whip cream guns. Fat Sam runs the Grand Slam Speakeasy with his gal Tallulah, but is quickly loosing ground to Dandy Dan, who is intent on taking over all of the neighborhood gangs. Fat Sam decides to enlist ex-boxer Bugsy Malone to help him turn the tables. In need of cash to keep courting would-be singer Blousey Brown, Bugsy agrees. Bugsy's romancing is put to the test repeatedly as Dandy Dan wipes out most of Fat Sam's main men. Finally, with the aid of Leroy, a passing stranger with a fantastic punch, a group of down and out men waiting in a soup line and a little bit of trapdoor luck, Bugsy and Fat Sam steal a shipment of splurge mark two guns and give Dandy Dan his comeuppance in one grand finale of whip cream, cream pies and flour bombs.

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