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You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown: Based on Charles M. Schulz's popular comic strip Peanuts, this Clark Gesner musical follows the day to day relationships of naïve Charlie Brown, his melodramatic dog Snoopy and a cast of friends as he tries to discover what it means to be a good man. Pictured below are our rental costumes: Linus with his blue blanket, Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty, Sally, Schroeder, Lucy and Snoopy in his flying Ace outfit.

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Sample Photos of Our Rental Costumes for You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Pictures are representative of our rental collection, costumes may vary due to size and availability.

Rental Costumes for You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

            What do you get when you request a FREE costume plot from The Costumer?  We will send you the listing and costume description for the entire show, organized by act and scene for your convenience. The Costumer is proud to provide quality Children’s and Adult rental costumes for productions of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown! Group costume rentals for You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown cover the entire cast including all of the lead characters like Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy and Linus van Pelt, Peppermint Pattie, Sally Brown, and Schroeder!


            You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown a musical comedy based off of the beloved characters and stories from Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts comic strip. Featuring music and lyrics by Clark Gesner and book by John Gordon, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown has been a crowd favorite amongst amateur and scholastic theatre groups for decades due to its small cast size, simple staging, and endearingly classic characters. The family-friendly musical romp is available in both its original and revised version for licensing and is perfect for a cast of any age.


            The Peanuts’ story on stage begins as Charlie Brown stands alone while his friends and classmates share their varying opinions of him, but today they all agree that he is a “good man” (“Opening”).  Charlie is his usual happy and hopeful self; however, he wonders and doubts if he really is as much of a good man as his friends say. Charlie decides that he will find out how he can really become a good person (“You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”).


            Later on, during lunch period at school, Charlie sits alone and talks about his bad days. During his downtrodden musings, he notices the cute Little Red-Headed Girl and resolves to go sit with her. Charlie quickly backs down as he loses his courage. When Charlie thinks that the girl is approaching him, he panics and puts his paper lunch bag over his head. Lucy and Sally approach instead, and upon noticing Charlie’s current state, the pair draw a dress on the face of Charlie’s bag. Charlie in turn, laments over his lack of confidence (“You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (reprise)”).


            From the very start of this beloved Peanuts musical, The Costumer will make your audience will feel as though they have been transported into the world of the classic comic strip with the help of our fabulous rental costumes! Our rental costumes for You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown will make each and every member of your cast look as though they stepped right out of one of the Peanuts comics! Charlie Brown will be clad in his iconic yellow t-shirt with black zigzags, and corduroy trousers. Lucy van Pelt will be dressed in her classic youthful blue dress with white stockings, and her brother Linus will appear in his unmistakable red striped t-shirt and matching trousers. Sally will be outfitted in her adorable pink pastel dress from the comic strip, along with a pair of white tights. Rental wigs for characters like Lucy and Sally are available to add to your order as well! As more characters are introduced as well, each of their costumes will reflect their instantly recognizable ensembles from the cartoon!


            The story picks up as Lucy expresses her love for Schroeder and probes him about his thoughts on marriage. While Schroeder is aware of Lucy’s affections, he aloofly plays the piano and brushes off her advances. Frustrated, Lucy exclaims, “My Aunt Marion was right. Never try to discuss marriage with a musician” (“Schroeder”). Meanwhile, Sally is distraught that her jump rope is tangled.


            The action soon shifts to America’s favorite anthropomorphic beagle, Snoopy, as he peacefully lays on top of his beloved doghouse. Snoopy daydreams about being a wild jungle beast until he shortly returns to his blissful and peaceful state (“Snoopy”). Linus soon enters the scene carrying his signature blanket and sucking his thumb. Lucy and Sally follow, mocking him for his infantile habits. In response, Linus decides to abandon his blanket and grow up, only for him to quickly run back to it in desperation. Linus daydreams of a fantasy world of blankets where everyone can relax with their blankets without judgement (“My Blanket and Me”). Lucy later tells her little brother that she dreams of becoming a queen (“Queen Lucy”). Linus, however, tells his aspiring autocratic sister that she can’t be queen. Lucy doesn’t take kindly to this and threatens to punch him for insulting her aspirations. Sally’s misfortunes continue, for she receives a D in school for her pathetic-looking coat hanger sculpture art project.


            As the audience gets to know more of the Peanuts cast of characters, The Costumer will continue to provide authentic rental costumes that transform your actors into their cartoon counterparts! Schroeder will resemble a typical aloof musical youth in V-neck sweater, matching shirt, and trousers, while Snoopy will be adorned with a white turtleneck that matches his coat from the cartoon. When Snoopy begins living out his World War I fighter pilot ace fantasy later in the show, The Costumer will outfit Snoopy with his signature pilot’s helmet, goggles, and scarf.


            This is only a mere glimpse at what The Costumer has to offer for productions of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown! With the help of our rental costumes, let your artistic vision come to life onstage and transport your audience to Charlie’s playful and colorful world. Request your free plot today!

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