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Cinderella: Fairy Tale Version

Cinderella: Fairy Tale Version : The world famous fairy tale of the good-natured girl who is cruelly mistreated by her malicious step-sisters and step-mother. However, one night all her wishes come true when her Fairy Godmother makes her a beautiful outfit and gets her to the royal ball. After a night of dancing with the prince, fleeing and losing her famous glass slipper, Cinderella finally gets her happily ever after.

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Rental Costumes for Cinderella: Fairy Tale Version 

            What do you get when you request a FREE costume plot from The Costumer?  We will send you the listing and costume description for the entire show, organized by act and scene for your convenience. The Costumer is proud to provide quality Adult and Children’s rental costumes for productions of Cinderella: Fairy Tale Version! Group costume rentals for Cinderella: Fairy Tale Version cover the entire cast including leads such as Cinderella, the Prince, Fairy Godmother, Stepmother, and the Stepsisters, as well as ensemble members that include Townspeople, Servants, White Mice, and White Horses!


            The Cinderella: Fairy Tale Version is a stage adaptation of the Cinderella teleplay from 1997. The modern take on Rodgers and Hammerstein’s classic musical was produced by Whitney Houston and Debra Martin Chase for Walt Disney Television. This made for TV version of the musical added new songs to Rodgers and Hammerstein’s original score, and featured a diverse cast that included Whoopi Goldberg, Whitney Houston, Paolo Montalbán, and Jason Alexander. Some of the new songs that were added to the productions score included “The Sweetest Sounds” from No Strings, and “There’s Music in You,” which was originally written for the 1953 film Main Street to Broadway.


            The story begins with a scene of celebration, as news has spread across the kingdom that the Prince has decided to throw a ball for the purpose of finding a bride. Following this announcement, the two self-entitled Stepsisters and Stepmother enter the scene. The narcissistic trio is followed by Cinderella, who is weighed down by a pile of dresses and fabrics from an extravagant shopping spree. As the women all arrive at home, the daunting task of beautifying the Stepmother and Stepsisters for the ball falls upon Cinderella, who must still accomplish her myriad of other household chores.  Cinderella’s Stepmother does not permit her to go to the ball, however Cinderella is still happy for others. Although her life is difficult and her Stepmother and Stepsisters torment her, she still tries to remain positive. Even though she maintains a cheery façade, she sometimes retreats to “her own little corner” and imagines a happier life.


            From the very start of the show, The Costumer will help immerse your audience into Cinderella’s fantastical world with our fabulous rental costumes! Rental costumes for this edition draw from a range of different time periods in order to create a fantastical fairy tale look onstage! The Stepmother and Stepsisters’ vanity will be on full display as they make their entrance onstage. The Stepmother will be clothed in a rich and outlandish gown, complete with a garish trimmed hat. Her two daughters Joy and Grace will be clothed in equally overdone day dresses complete with gawdy headpieces. Poor Cinderella on the other hand has to make do with rags. As she attends to every need of her Stepmother and Stepsisters, she will be clothed in a ragged and drab blouse, bodice, apron, torn skirt and petticoat. These rental costumes will accentuate the stark divide between Cinderella and her adoptive family.


            The story continues as the King and Queen are arguing about the Prince’s ball. The King believes that throwing a ball would be a massive waste of time and money. He also questions why a young man like the Prince, who is still practically a boy, would want to get married. Despite the King’s protests, the Queen is set on the idea, and the King and the Prince (who dreads the very idea of the event) cannot bear saying no to the Queen. Thus, the royals continue preparing for the grand celebration.


            Cinderella helps her Stepmother and Stepsisters into lurid and garish dresses for the ball, and after they leave, Cinderella returns to her corner. She pictures what it must be like at the ball and wishes that she were there. Her contemplation is soon interrupted by her Fairy Godmother who appears at her window. With the help of her Fairy Godmother’s magic spells, Cinderella’s rags are transformed into a beautiful ballgown and she is beautified for the ball. Fairy Godmother transforms a pumpkin into an ornate carriage and mice into dashing white horses. Cinderella is carried off in her magical carriage to the palace, but not before being warned that the spell will wear off at midnight.


            As Cinderella’s fairy tale continues to be spun, The Costumer will continue to provide quality costumes for each and every character. Cinderella’s magical transformation will be accomplished with one of The Costumer’s rental trick dresses! Cinderella’s drab and ragged dress will transform into a beautiful ballgown fit for a princess with a simple tear and twist! Even actors playing animals like the White Horses will receive the fairy tale treatment with white unitards and hoods complete with feather trims resemble a horse’s majestic flowing mane. Every character will look like they came directly out of a classic fairy tale book!


            This is only a sampling of what The Costumer has to offer for productions of Cinderella: Fairy Tale Version! Let your artistic vision come to life with the help of our rental costumes and transport your audience to Cinderella’s extraordinary world of royal balls and magical fairy godmothers. Request your free plot today!

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