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Clue The Musical

Clue The Musical: Based on the family favorite board game, this Peter de Pietro musical features music by Galen Blum, Wayne Barker and Vinnie Martucci with lyrics by Tom Chiodko. With 216 possible different endings to the show, based on cards pulled at the top of the show and revealed at the end of the show, the narrator and corpse Mr. Boddy helps guide the audience through a complex collection of motivations and opportunities. Mrs. White works in servitude for Mr. Boddy to pay back a debt. Mr. Green believes Mr. Boddy, his business partner, is responsible for missing funds and Colonel Mustard and Mrs. Peacock fear that Mr. Boddy will reveal that he has caught them in an affair. Meanwhile, the audience discovers that Miss Scarlet was once spurned by Mr. Boddy and Professor Plum blames him for his ruined family fortune. When an attractive and intelligent Detective arrives at the Mansion, accusations and audience participation abound.

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Rental Costumes for Clue The Musical 

            What do you get when you request a FREE costume plot from The Costumer?  We will send you the listing and costume description for the entire show, organized by act and scene for your convenience. The Costumer is proud to provide quality Children’s and Adult rental costumes for productions of Clue the Musical! We offer rental costumes for all of the lead characters, such as Mr. Boddy, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet, and Mrs. Peacock, as well as the rest of the ensemble!


            Clue The Musical is a musical based off of the hit board game by the same name. Just like the game, the plot concerns the murder of Mr. Boddy at his mansion where six guests are considered suspects. It is then up to an attractive Detective to solve the case, while the ending is determined by audience participation, resulting in a total of 216 possible outcomes to the play. The musical features music by Galen Blum, Wayne Barker and Vinnie Martucci, in addition to lyrics by Tom Chiodo, and book by Peter DePietro. While the board game was adapted for the screen as the 1985 black comedy, Clue, the musical acts as its own standalone adaptation of the board game. The musical only ran off-Broadway for a short time in 1997 but has ultimately grown in popularity through community and scholastic theatre productions.


            The play begins as Mr. Boddy appears before the audience and invites them to play “The Game.” Mr. Boddy then introduces each of the characters: Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard and Mrs. Peacock. Mr. Boddy acts as the host of the night’s festivities and invites three audience members onstage to select a card from each of three stacks, representing the six suspects, six murder weapons, and six rooms. Unseen by the selectors and the audience, the three selected cards are placed in an envelope marked “Confidential,” which is placed onstage for the duration of the show then opened to reveal the selected cards at the end. Just like the game, the three selected cards determine the answer to the mystery and ultimately, the ending of the play. There are 216 possible variations of the play based on the cards selected. Mr. Boddy then instructs the audience how to play the game. Throughout the action, Mr. Boddy will give rhyming clues which the audience can use to solve the game themselves.


            From the very moment that the game begins, The Costumer will ensure that your audience is immediately dropped into the murderous and mysterious world of Clue The Musical with the help of our fabulous rental costumes! With our rental costumes, each suspect will look like they just stepped right out of the board game’s box! Mr. Boddy will embody that of a dapper upper-class host in a classy tuxedo. Mrs. White will be dressed in a traditional housekeeper’s black dress with a white apron. Mr. Green will resemble that of a slimy and slick hustler in a green mismatched suit. Colonel Mustard in a sharp mustard yellow suit will take after a former military man. Mrs. Peacock will bear resemblance to a wealthy widow in a coordinating blue ensemble, and Miss Scarlet will be clothed in a sultry tight fitting evening gown, complete with long gloves and a flirtatious boa.


            The action picks up in the kitchen, where Mrs. White prepares dinner and argues with Mr. Boddy over her indentured servitude to him. She is forced to work for him in order to repay him for once helping her son. Mrs. White laments, that “Life is a Bowl of Pits.” Mr. Boddy then visits his smarmy business partner, Mr. Green, in the billiard room. Mr. Green clashes with his partner over missing funds for a business venture. In the ballroom, Colonel Mustard and Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Boddy’s wife, engage in a secret romantic rendezvous, but Mr. Boddy catches their affair. In the lounge, Miss Scarlet reveals to Mr. Green over drinks that she was once business partners and former lovers with Mr. Boddy, however Mr. Boddy double crossed and dumped her. The pair then muse about ways to get bloody revenge on Mr. Boddy through the use of “Everyday Devices.” Later in the study, Professor Plum relates to Mrs. White how Mr. Boddy ruined his family’s fortune, all while Mrs. White tries unsuccessfully to flirt with him. In the conservatory, Mrs. Peacock schemes on how to add Mr. Boddy to her expanding list of dead husbands (“Once a Widow”).


            After dinner, Mr. Boddy gathers his guests and staff together and invites them to fulfill their destiny: murdering him. After the group searches through “Corridors and Halls” for the proper combination of suspect, room, and weapon, Mr. Boddy is found murdered. The exact cause of his death and who committed the heinous act is unknown, and everyone is a suspect (“After the Murder”). It is then up to the Detective and the audience to solve the mystery, and ultimately, beat the game.


            This is only a mere glimpse at what The Costumer has to offer for Clue The Musical! With the help of our rental costumes, let your artistic vision come to life onstage and invite your audience to play the game! Request your free plot today!

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