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Dr. Dolittle

Dr. Dolittle: Leslie Bricusse's musical adaptation of the imaginative and popular Hugh Lofting novels, follows eccentric Victorian John Dolittle, who renounced human medicine to care for animals, whom he likes better than people and who has learned over 500 animal languages. When Dr. Dolittle's friend Matthew Mugg brings his young friend Tommy Stubbins to the good doctor to care for an injured duck, they end up joining the doctor on some of his visits. A misunderstanding with some local fisherman lands Dr. Dolittle in court, where judge General Bellowses sentences him to jail. When Matthew and Tommy decide to break Dr. Dolittle out of prison, the three men, accompanied by Bellowses niece Emma Fairfax, the parrot Polynesia, the dog Jip and the chimpanzee Chee-Chee, flee England on great adventure to find the legendary Great Pink Sea Snail. Stranded on Sea-Star Island, the small crew becomes entangled with the native population, led by Shakespeare the Tenth, forcing Dr. Dolittle to seek assistance from a whale and the giant Lunar Moth to get them back home to Puddleby, England.

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