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Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni: This Mozart opera, with lyrics by Lorenzo Da Ponte, opened in 1787 and is still one of the top ten most performed operas in the world. Unrepentant seducer Don Giovanni attempts to take advantage of the Spanish Commendatore's daughter Anna, betrothed to Don Ottavio. In an ensuing struggle, Giovanni kills the Commendatore. Anna vows revenge and she and Ottavio set off after Giovanni, who is already using his servant Leporello to seduce a young village bride-to-be, Zerlina. When one of Giovanni's spurned lovers, Elvira, interrupts the Don's seduction of Zerlina and outs him to the young groom-to-be Masetto, Giovanni ends up pursued by both angry couples as well as Elvira. Eventually, Giovanni's arrogance causes him to invite the statue of the Commendatore to dinner. When the statue arrives, it punishes Giovanni, setting his home on fire and pulling the sinner into the flames of Hell.

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