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Fantasticks: Inspired by Edmund Rostand's Les Romanesques, this Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones allegorical musical is a favorite of experienced and new theatre lovers. Freely structured, this fantasy love story can be told with equal success as a richly produced musical and as a simple, bare-bones production. Attempting to draw their children together, two neighbors and single fathers stage a long-standing feud. When, as planned, their children Louisa and Matt fall for each other, the fathers arrange to clinch the deal by hiring a group of traveling actors to abduct Louisa and allow Matt to rescue her, thus “winning” Louisa's father's favor and “ending” the feud. Once the young lovers discover the deception, however, they reject the match and set forth to each experience the world on their own. The leader of the traveling troupe, El Gallo, guides each young person in their painful, disillusioning journeys, eventually leading them back to a wiser, more mature recognition of their feelings for one another.

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