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George M!

George M!: Michael Stewart and John and Fran Pascal use the music and lyrics of George M. Cohan, known in the early 20th century as “the man who owned Broadway,” to tell his own story. Born into a vaudeville family, George begins writing skits and music for the family to perform. The Cohans encounter several hitches on their ride to success, notable George's temper. But after George meets and marries Ethel Levy and “The Four Cohans” become 5, the family lands in Broadway, where George produces his first hit, Little Johnny Jones. George takes his newfound fame and runs, essentially creating the genre of musical comedy. Over the next twenty years, George and his partner Sam Harris become the kings of Broadway, often at the expense of George's marital and family life. The musical features some of Cohan's hit numbers, including “Give My Regards to Broadway,” “Over there,” “Yankee Doodle Boy,” “So Long, Mary,” “you're a Grand Old Flag” and “Forty-Five Minutes From Broadway.”

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