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Good Doctor

Good Doctor: This 1973 play consists of a series of short comedic scenes by Neil Simon, inspired and narrated by Russian playwright Anton Chekhov, referred to as simply The Writer. In one sketch, a man offers to drown himself for three rubles. In another, a womanizer discovers that his newest target, a married woman, has masterminded their entire relationship. With humor and affection, Simon follows a father's decision and eventual change of mind to bring his son to a whorehouse. An elderly woman storms into a bank manager's office faking a nervous disorder and a man, after sneezing upon a general's head, cannot figure out how to stop apologizing. With seven sketches, Simon and The Writer show us that there is absurd humor even in sometimes tragic circumstances. Features “The Sneezer,” “The Seduction,” “The Governess,” “The Drowned Man,” “The Defenseless Creature,” “The Arrangement” and “The Audition.”

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