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Hello Dolly

Hello Dolly: This Michael Stewart and Jerry Herman musical centers around Dolly Gallagher Levi, a wealthy New York City matchmaker who decides to use her skills to arrange her own marriage to grumpy Horace Vandergelder. Pictured below are our rental costumes: Head Waiter Rudolph from the Harmonia Gardens, Dolly Levi in her heart dress, Horace Vendergelder, Irene Malloy and Ambrose Kemper.

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Sample Photos of Our Rental Costumes for Hello Dolly

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Rental Costumes for Hello, Dolly!

            What do you get when you request a FREE costume plot from The Costumer?  We will send you the listing and costume description for the entire show, organized by act and scene for your convenience. The Costumer is proud to provide quality Adult and Children’s rental costumes for productions of Hello, Dolly! Group costume rentals for Hello, Dolly! cover the entire cast including leads such as Dolly Levi, Horace Vandergelder, Cornelius Hackl, Barnaby Tucker, Ambrose Kemper, Irene Molloy, Ermengarde and Minnie Fay, as well as ensemble members including Townspeople, Waiters, Cooks, and Waltz Girls!


            Hello, Dolly! is one of Broadway’s most beloved and enduring musical theatre shows. Adapted from classic American playwright Thornton Wilder’s The Matchmaker, Hello, Dolly! debuted at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit on November 18, 1963, before moving to Broadway in 1964. With lyrics and music by Jerry Herman and book by Michael Stewart, Hello, Dolly! won 10 Tony awards, including Best Musical, setting a record for the next 37 years! The show’s album, Hello, Dolly! An Original Cast Recording, was also inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2002. The show has also experience four Broadway revivals and was made into the classic 1969 film by the same name. Hello, Dolly! has stood the test of time and solidified itself in the canon of American Musical Theatre.


            Set in Yonkers and New York City at the end of the 19th century, the musical follows the story of Dolly Levi, a widow, matchmaker, professional meddler, and life-loving woman. Dolly makes her way by setting up couples and through numerous other sidelines, such as dance instruction and mandolin lessons. However, everything changes for Dolly during her latest trip to New York, as she decides that the next match she needs to make is to find someone for herself. Featuring classic songs like “Put on Your Sunday Clothes,” “Before the Parade Passes By,” “It Only Takes a Moment,” and the title track, Hello, Dolly! is energetic and charming from start to finish!


            The story begins along Fourth Avenue in New York City as the brassy Dolly Gallagher Levi comes to town in the cheery introductory number, “Call on Dolly.” Dolly then goes on to talk about her many skills and her knack for matchmaking in the enduring number “I Put My Hand In.” Dolly is in town to seek a wife for the crabby well-known half-a-millionaire, Horace Vandergelder. However, it soon becomes apparent that Dolly intends to marry Horace herself. At the same time, the young and explosive struggling artist, Ambrose Kemper, wishes to marry Horace’s weepy niece Ermengarde. As passionate as Ambrose is, Horace opposes the young man’s desire because he believes that Ambrose’s job does not guarantee a steady living. Ambrose enlists Dolly’s help, and the pair travel to Horace’s shop, Vandergelder’s Hay and Feed, in Yonkers.


            From the very beginning of this boisterous classic tale, The Costumer will ensure that your audience is immediately transported back to the colorful and classic setting of 1890’s New York! Dressed in a fashionable two-piece day suit and blouse, and accessorized with matching gloves, large stylish handbag, and flashy plumed hat, Dolly will captivate any audience as the center of attention onstage! The Costumer also offers red Gibson style wig rentals for Dolly! In the opening scenes, Dolly will be flanked by townspeople dressed in clothes specific to the time period. With men in plaid three-piece saque suits and women vibrant day dresses and hats, your audience will feel like they have stepped back in time to watch a street scene in 1800’s New York!


            The action of the play shifts to Mr. Vandergelder’s shop where Horace is explaining to his two clerks, Cornelius Hackl and Barnaby Tucker, that he plans on getting married because he narrowly believes “It Takes a Woman” to cheerfully do all the household chores. Horace also reveals that he plans to travel with Dolly to the city to Fourteenth Street Association Parade and propose to the widowed milliner, Irene Molloy. When Dolly arrives, she begins meddling with Horace’s plans when she “accidentally” mentions that Irene’s first husband may have died under suspicious circumstances, and that she knows an heiress, Ernestina Money, who may have some interest in Horace.


            As Horace departs for the city, he leaves Cornelius and Barnaby to run the store. Cornelius however, has other plans. He decides that he and Barnaby need to get out of Yonkers and live a little. Dolly suggests two ladies in the city that the clerks should call on: Irene Molloy and her shop assistant, Minnie Fay. Dolly also arranges for Ambrose and Ermengarde to enter into a polka competition at the high-end Harmonia Gardens restaurant so Ambrose can impress Horace and show that he can support Ermengarde. Thus, Cornelius and Barnaby abandon their duties in the shop and join Ambrose, Ermengarde, and Dolly as they take the train to the city in the timeless number, “Put on Your Sunday Clothes.”


            As more principal characters are introduced in Yonkers, The Costumer’s rental costumes will make each one come to life onstage. Clad in a classy three-piece frock suit, pristine white Essex shirt, matching gloves, walking cane and top hat, Horace Vandergelder will look the part of the half-a-millionaire that he is! When Cornelius and Barnaby decide to play hooky for the day, they will shed their clerk smocks and proudly walk out in their Sunday best saque suits complete with vibrant perry collar shirts and bowties! Ermengarde will radiate youthful energy in her two-piece middy dress and matching tights, complete with a hair bow to seal the look.


            The adventures of Dolly and her companions have only just begun! This is only a mere glimpse at what The Costumer has to offer for Hello, Dolly! With the help of our rental costumes, let your artistic vision come to life onstage and transport your audience to the vibrant and animated world of Hello, Dolly! Request your free plot today!

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