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Here's Love - Miracle on 34th Street

Here's Love: Meredith Wilson's musical adaptation of the well-loved movie Miracle on 34th Street brings the spirit of the holiday season to an often harsh and cynical world. It is the early 1960's and young Susan Walker lives in New York City with her divorced mother Doris, who works as a special events coordinator for Macy's department store. Susan befriends an ex-marine named Fred Gaily while her mother organizes the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Fred, determined to return some childhood fantasy to Susan's life, takes her to see Santa Claus. As luck would have it, the real Kris Kringle has been hired to portray Santa Claus and as he fights to prove his existence to little Susan, Fred begins to warm over hard-working Doris. The new found family must then defend Kris Kringle's sanity in court.

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