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High School Musical

High School Musical: This instantly popular Disney Channel Original Movie updates the story of Romeo and Juliet as high school basketball team captain Troy Bolton and academic transfer student Gabriella Montez audition for the school musical. When they are cast, the school cliques revolt and attempt to trick the young couple back to the status quo. Pictured below are our rental costumes: East High School Cheerleader, East High School Wildcat Mascot, Troy Bolton in his East High School Basketball uniform, Sharpay Evans and Ryan Evans

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Sample Photos of Our Rental Costumes for High School Musical

Pictures are representative of our rental collection, costumes may vary due to size and availability.

Rental Costumes for High School Musical

            What do you get when you request a FREE costume plot from The Costumer?  We will send you the listing and costume description for the entire show, organized by act and scene for your convenience. The Costumer is proud to provide quality Adult and Children’s rental costumes for productions of High School Musical! Group costume rentals for High School Musical cover the entire cast including leads such as Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez, Sharpay Evans, Ms. Darbus, as well as ensemble members including Teachers, Basketball Players, Cheerleaders, Skaters, and much more! The Costumer also offers rentals for East High’s Wildcat Mascot!


            High School Musical is the stage adaptation of the smash-hit Disney Channel Original Movie by the same name. The family-friendly musical romp features music and lyrics by Matthew Gerrard, Robbie Nevil, Ray and Greg Cham, Drew Seeley, Randy Petersen, Kevin Quinn, Andy Dodd, Adam Watts, Bryan Louiselle, David N. Lawrence, Faye Greenberg and Jamie Houston, and book by David Simpatico. The story focuses on East High School students Troy and Gabriella as they cause a massive social upheaval at their school by breaking the “status quo” when they audition for their school’s musical. Since the musical’s licensing rights were released, High School Musical quickly became a popular production choice for scholastic theatre groups.


            The story begins at East High School on the first day after winter break. On the front steps of the school, Troy Bolton, the captain of the basketball team, greets his teammates, Chad Danforth and Zeke Baylor. Gabriella Montez is a shy and smart new student who just moved from Albuquerque. Gabriella befriends the Brainiacs, Taylor McKessie, Kelsi Nielsen and Martha Cox, who all welcome her into their clique (“Wildcat Cheer”). The leader of the Thespians, the selfish diva Sharpay Evans and her brother Ryan are introduced. The Jocks, Brainiacs, Thespians, and Skater Dudes all find and congregate in their respective cliques, displaying the dividing lines among the students. Among their respective groups, Troy and Gabriella, both not realizing that the other is nearby, describe to their friends how they met each other over winter break, prompting a flashback. The pair met at a ski lodge that they were both vacationing at and ended up romantically performing a karaoke number together. Accompanying Troy and Gabriella’s excitement about their meeting, the other students describing their own New Year’s resolutions (“Start of Something New”).


            From the very start of this classic teenage musical romp, The Costumer will transport your audience to Troy and Gabriella’s cliquey high school world with the help of our fabulous rental costumes! With the help of our rental costumes, each of your ensemble’s actors will transform into their characters and embody their respective East High cliques! Troy will come back from his ski lodge vacation in handsome corduroy blazer, embroidered shirt and jeans, while his Jock friends like Chad will be dressed sporty outfits typical for high school athletes. Gabriella will enter the halls of East High in a bold blouse, dressy yet fashionable pants, and a stylish shawl. Sharpay’s ensemble will reflect every bit of her ostentatious personality with a gaudy and flashy jacket, matching skirt and blouse, and garish bangle bracelets covering her arms. Her brother will appear before the audience in a well put together ensemble consisting of a bright sweater, coordinating pants, and a miniapple cap. The rest of the cliques will be costumed according to their shared traits.


            The story picks up in Ms. Darbus’ homeroom, where the eccentric drama teacher announces to her class that the upcoming school musical will be a new musical version of Romeo and Juliet written by Kelsi, called Juliet and Romeo. While Ms. Darbus’ is making her announcement, Troy notices Gabriella and realizes that she has just transferred to East High. He attempts to call her on his cell phone, while Sharpay and Ryan are also using their phones as well. Ms. Darbus’ notices, and promptly confiscates all cell phones and assigns detention for interrupting class. Chad attempts to come to Troy’s defense, explaining that they have basketball practice and an upcoming championship game. Ms. Darbus instead gives Chad 30-minute detention.


            Following homeroom, Troy and Gabriella meet up in the halls. They are in disbelief that they ended up at the same school after their spontaneous and romantic first encounter. The pair look at the audition sign-up and nervously debate about signing up. Sharpay drops by the sing-up board and discourages Gabriella from auditioning, for she wants the lead part, and Troy, all to herself. Troy’s conversation with Gabriella and Sharpay makes him late for basketball practice. Once he arrives at practice, Troy is disengaged and distracted by thoughts of the musical and Gabriella. Troy’s lack of focus displeases his coach, who also happens to be his father, along with Chad and the rest of their teammates. His team reminds Troy that he needs to focus on the upcoming championship game (“Get’cha Head in the Game”).


            As Troy and Gabriella’s story progresses, The Costumer will continue to provide you and your cast with quality rental costumes that will captivate your audience! Ms. Darbus will resemble that of a typical quirky drama teacher in an oversized bright sweater, coordinating pants, gaudy beads, and a pair of oversized glasses. In a sporty polo shirt and neat trousers, Coach Bolton will look like your average high school basketball coach. The Costumer will also provide each of your East High Wildcat basketball players with matching red and white wildcat jerseys and trunks! Similar Wildcat ensembles are available for the East High Cheerleaders as well, with coordinating Wildcat red and white tops and skirts, pompoms, and hair ribbons!


            Troy and Gabriella continue to shake things up once they audition for the musical and threaten the “status quo” between the East High cliques. However, their actions and blossoming friendship may be just what East High needs in order to let every student shine.


            This is only a mere glimpse at what The Costumer has to offer for productions of High School Musical! With the help of our rental costumes, let your artistic vision come to life onstage and transport your audience to Troy and Gabriella’s world of high school drama, cliques, and unforgettable music. Request your free plot today!

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