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I Remember Mama

I Remember Mama: Written by John Van Druten. Based on the fictionalized memoir Mama's Bank Account by Kathryn Forbes. It is 1910 and the Hanson family, having immigrated from Norway, is living in San Fransisco. Marta and her husband Lars struggle financially to keep their family together and send their son Nels to high school. With the somewhat turbulent support of Marta's sisters Trina, Sigrid and Jenny as well their Uncle Chris, the family sends their young daughter Dagmar to the hospital for an operation, sells an heirloom brooch to buy a graduation gift for daughter Katrin and discovers that their recently departed lodger, Jonathan Hyde, has left them his literary collection instead of the back rent. Guided by the heart-warming sacrifice of Marta, the family pulls together and encourages Katrin to pursue a writing career.

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