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Les Misérables

Les Misérables: Based on Victor Hugo's acclaimed 19th century epic novel of the same name, this Tony winning musical features lyrics by Alain Boublil with English translations by Herbert Kretzmer and music by Claude-Michel Schonberg. Set in the poverty stricken era following the late 1700's French Revolution, the story follows young convict Jean Valjean as he is paroled, assumes a false identity, dedicates his life to God and becomes the guardian of young orphan Cosette. 

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Sample Photos of Our Rental Costumes for Les Misérables

Pictures are representative of our rental collection, costumes may vary due to size and availability.

Rental Costumes for Les Misérables 

           What do you get when you request a FREE costume plot from The Costumer?  You will receive a listing and costume description for the entire show, organized by act and scene for your convenience. The Costumer is proud to provide quality Adult and Children’s rental costumes for productions of Les Misérables!  Group costume rentals for Les Misérables cover the entire cast including the leading characters; Jean Valjean, Inspector Javert, Fantine and Cosette, as well as all other ensemble roles.


           Les Misérables debuted in its original form in Paris, 1980.  It was then translated to the English version and premiered in London, 1985.  The show has become the second longest running musical in the world! Les Misérables is a story of redemption; set in early 19th century France.  Les Miserable will take you to a much darker place than traditional Broadway shows of its time such as La Cage aux Folles or 42nd Street.    


           France 1815.  Curtain Rises.  Concrete walls, grey muted tones, “Work Song” is heard echoing through the mist.  The mist clears and a chain gang is now visible.  We meet Jean Valjean, wearing his chain gang tunic branded with the iconic prison number of 24601.  Hovering over the famished prisoners is Javert, a prison guard. Standing tall in his dark uniform, bi-corn hat covering his long black hair tied back in a ponytail, Javert exudes authority and power over the inmates as he commands them all to “Look down! Look down!”


           The Costumer takes pride in making this opening scene come to life with our hand selected rental costumes that are a true reflection of this time period.  With dirtied early 19th century prisoner rags contrasted by Javert’s immaculate uniform, your audience will be transported back to the era of the Bourbon Restoration. The strife between Jean Valjean and Inspector Javert will be the center of attention as the audience is fixated on their larger-than-life persona accented by their unique rental costumes. 


           Jean Valjean is released on parole by Javert and is determined to find a new way of life outside the prison walls.  However, Valjean is met with judgment and discrimination everywhere he turns, leaving him impoverished and destitute. He is not able to find work, a place to lay his head nor food to eat.  Desperate, starving and exhausted, Valjean is found by the Bishop of Digne. The Bishop, dressed in a long black cassock, welcomes Jean Valjean into his church, offering him a place to lay his head and food for his aching stomach.  In spite of the Bishop’s kindness, the past haunts Valjean as he resorts to old ways and steals the church's precious silver in the dead of night. Valjean tries to flee but is met by angry townspeople and is captured. Despite Valjean’s deeds, the Bishop of Digne stands eye to eye with him and pardons him.  Telling the authorities that he gifted him the items. In exchange for the silver and his freedom, Valjean must vow to use his gifts to become an honest man. Valjean takes this vow to heart first by creating a new identity for himself as Monsieur Madeleine, a wealthy factory owner and mayor.


           While Valjean is raking in profits and success, tragedy befalls one of his workers, single mother Fantine. After a series of injustices at the factory, Fantine is fired and left to the streets. Through the song, ‘I Dreamed a Dream,” Fantine laments on her broken dreams and her abandonment by the father of her child. After having sold her precious locket and hair, succumbing to a life of prostitution, Fantine is nearly arrested after an altercation with an abusive customer. While passing the scene unfold, Valjean intervenes and rescues her and realizes the poor woman once worked for him.


           Fantine soon dies of illness, and the guilt stricken Valjean vows to find her daughter Cosette and become her caregiver. He seeks her out and rescues her from the care of the vile Thénardiers. Valjean spends the remainder of the show redeeming his former self, while alluding Inspector Javert, who has been on Valjean’s trail since he broke his parole.


           The Costumer offers rental costumes for all of the lead characters including Valjean’s chain gang tunic (with 24601 of course!), his poor man clothes that he wears post prison, and a more elaborate costume for his “role” as Monsieur Madeleine. 


           For Javert there is both a formal outfit and his signature military uniform, along with the option for the hat, cape, and baton or an overcoat, plus his disguise for sneaking behind the barricade.  


           The Costumer proudly offers a vast selection of rentals for Les Misérables ranging from the main characters such as Jean Valjean, Javert, Cosette, the Thénardiers, Eponine, and Marius, to supporting cast and chorus including the chain gang, factory workers, Lovely Ladies, customers at the inn, constables, military servicemen, and revolutionaries. 


           In addition to costumes, The Costumer has both rental and sales wigs, facial hair including mustaches and sideburns. All of the accessories and props including the long rifles for the battle at the Barricade are also available for purchase.


           Let your artistic direction come to life with the help of our rental costumes.  The incredible journey of Jean Valjean will unfold as the audience is mesmerized by the era inspired rental costumes. Audience members will feel as though they have been transported to the streets of 1800’s France and will without question hear the people sing!

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