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Man Who Came to Dinner

Man Who Came to Dinner: A regional and community theatre favorite, this George Kaufman and Moss Hart comedy follows the antics of eccentric Sheridan Whiteside. While on a lecture tour in Ohio, Whiteside slips on the ice and breaks his leg. During his recovery, he remains on in his hosts' home, Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Stanley, quickly overturning their lives and Christmas traditions with acerbic criticisms, oddball guests, including penguins and octopi, long distance phone calls, capricious requests and an irresistible urge to stage manage the lives of everyone around him. Whiteside's secretary, Maggie Cutler, soon falls in love with local reporter Bert Jefferson, threatening to leave the lecturer's employ. When Whiteside learns that there is in fact nothing wrong with his leg, he can't risk losing Maggie, so he bribes Dr. Bradley to keep the secret and blackmails his well-to-do host, whose sister, Whiteside discovers, is an axe murderer.

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