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Midsummer Night's Dream

Midsummer Night's Dream: Shakespeare's comedy follows four young Athenians on the eve of Duke Thesues's wedding to the Amazonian queen, Hippolyta. Hermia and her lover Lysander decide to elope in order to escape Hermia's father, Egues' demand that she marry Demetrius. Helena, who loves Demetrius, tells him of the elopement in order to win his favor and instead Demetrius chases after Hermia with Helena behind him. Meanwhile, a plot by the fairy king, Oberon, to shame his estranged queen, Titiana, soon goes awry when Oberon orders the mischievous Puck (or Robin Goodfellow) to interfere in the love lives of the young couples. What ensues is the confusion of sudden love, magical transformations, mistaken identities and duels as the fairy world collides with the lovers of Athens and a troupe of low-skilled players rehearsing a performance of Pyramus and Thisbe for the upcoming wedding celebration.

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