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Moon Over Buffalo

Moon Over Buffalo: Ken Ludwig's farcical comedy, set in Buffalo, New York in 1953, centers around performing couple George and Charlotte Hay as they perform Cyrano de Bergerac and Private Lives in repertory. The confusion begins when the film director Frank Capra calls to say he is coming to see their performances in order to consider them for parts in his current film. Charlotte, with Hollywood aspirations, doesn't believe George when he tells her the news because she has just discovered that he slept with and impregnated Eileen, one of the young actresses in the show with them. She retaliates by telling George that she is going to leave him for their lawyer, Richard. George, despondent, leaves to drown his sorrows and after Charlotte learns that he was telling the truth about Capra's call, she and her daughter Rosalind search the bars for him. Soon, Rosalind's new fiance Howard is mistaken for Capra and a drunken George decides to play de Bergerac in the middle of the Private Lives matinee performance!

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