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Phantom of the Country Opera

Phantom of the Country Opera: Music by Michael Duff. Lyrics by Cheri Coons. Book by Sean Grennan and Kathy Santen. The classic Broadway smash-hit, Phantom of the Opera, takes a country turn! Phantom of the Country Opera is a side-splitting country music-themed parody of the blockbuster Broadway musical that follows the story of a sensational opera singer named Chrissy who returns to her Nashville roots to sing back up at the Country Palace. However, mysterious things begin happening at the grand ole opry, leading Chrissy to find that there is more going on backstage than meets the eye.

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Rental Costumes for Phantom of the Country Opera

            What do you get when you request a FREE costume plot from The Costumer?  We will send you the listing and costume description for the entire show, organized by act and scene for your convenience. The Costumer is proud to provide quality Adult and Children’s rental costumes for productions of Phantom of the Country Opera! Group costume rentals for Phantom of the Country Opera cover the entire cast including lead characters such as Chrissy, Antonio, Aaron, Sally, and Major Billy, as well as ensemble members like the Opera ensemble, and the Guys and Gals of Nashville!


            Phantom of the Country Opera is a side-splitting send-up of the classic musical horror tale, Phantom of the Opera, in a country west setting. With music by Michael Duff, lyrics by Cheri Coons, and book by Sean Grennan and Kathy Santen, Phantom of the Country has been dubbed a splashy and hilarious parody of its source material. At the time of the show’s opening, the Chicago Sun-Times called it a “clever, splash, exuberant new musical…bubbling over with zippy wordplay…a zany exploitation of every showbiz cliché in the book.” With positive reviews such as the Chicago Sun-Times’, it’s easy to understand why the production has been popular with regional and community theatres across the United States.


            The plot of Phantom of the Country Opera will be familiar to musical theatre fans. An opera star named Christina “Chrissy” Joseph abandons a promising career at La Scalla, as well as her devoted boyfriend, and returns to her roots in Nashville, Tennessee. Upon returning to her hometown, she begins singing backup at the Country Palace. It is there that she soon finds an enemy in Sally Barker, the aging Queen of Country. Chrissy also acquires a mentor, a mysterious janitor who is determined to make her Country Music’s newest star.


            The show begins at a famed Italian opera house as a company is in the middle of a performance. Gabriella, Antonio, and Chrissy are all onstage performing. Gabriella continuously tries to upstage Chrissy, causing a fight between the two up until Gabriella’s dramatic death scene (“Opening Act 1”). Backstage, Gabriella complains about “the American” to her husband Carlo, the owner of the theatre, demanding that Chrissy be fired. Carlo points out to his enraged diva of a wife that Chrissy is still onstage, causing Gabriella to suggest that she takes her place now that her character is dead. Chrissy soon appears backstage as well and Carlo informs her that the contracts for next season are ready, but Chrissy hesitates on recommitting to the company. Her boyfriend, Antonio, insists that Chrissy is still just broken up about her mother’s death. Chrissy’s current contract with the company doesn’t make her feel much better, for it only allows her two days to return to Nashville and sort out her mother’s affairs. The situation causes Chrissy to reflect on the life her mother wanted for her. While her mother always wanted her daughter to be a successful opera performer, it’s not exactly what Chrissy wanted (“Somebody’s Calling Me Home – Opera”).


            From the very start of this parody romp, The Costumer will ensure that your audience is immediately transported to the world of Phantom of the Country Opera with the help of our fabulous rental costumes! Gabriella, Chrissy, and Antonio will be clothed in lavish Italian opera costumes that will draw your audience into the performer’s world of onstage antics. Carlo will look the part of an upscale theatre owner in a dapper two-piece suit. The visual of all of these rental ensembles will make your audience feel like they are getting a backstage look at an opera in Milan!


            When it’s time for Chrissy to go back onstage, Gabriella also enters in an identical costume to hers in an attempt to take her part. The unexpected change confuses the ensemble members and they don’t know who to follow. A panicked Carlo drops the curtain on the performance. In a flash, the lights change, and a chandelier appears from the rafters. The stage is suddenly and inexplicably transformed into Nashville, and the audience is treated to the sight of a country street singer and a crowd of other young country music hopefuls searching for their big break (“Did You Want to Hear a Country Tune?”).


            Chrissy enters the scene and is immediately thrust into the action of the music city. A pickpocket snatches her wallet, but the would-be thief is quickly tripped by a young man hocking newspapers named Skipper. The comically lengthy-named Officer Tammy Fay June Ellie Fay Crenshaw responds to the scene and gets Chrissy’s wallet back. Skipper then introduces himself to Chrissy as the son of Sally Barker, the Queen of Country. He asks Chrissy if she’d like to hear his mother sing and she readily accepts. Little does Chrissy know that her subsequent trip to the Country Palace will lead her into a rivalry with Queen of Country, finding a new career path in country, and coming in contact with a mysterious phantom.


            As this parody continues to raise the stakes, The Costumer will continue to provide your ensemble with quality rental costumes that will bring the characters onstage to life! Transport your audience to the Nashville country music scene with western and country styled costumes for the Guys and Gals of Nashville, as well as bombastic rhinestone studded country diva dresses for Sally the Queen of Country. No matter who the character, The Costumer will ensure that their costume reflects who they are!


            This is a mere glimpse at what The Costumer has to offer for Phantom of the Country Opera! With the help of our rental costumes, let your artistic vision come to life and carry your audience away to the comedic country culture of this comical musical! Request your free plot today!

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