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Radium Girls

Radium Girls: Play by D.W. Gregory. The year is 1926. Radium is touted as a miracle cure and its commercial use is as widespread as the fame of the element’s discoverer, Marie Curie. Glow-in-the-dark radium paint wristwatch faces are all the rage among consumers, leading Grace Fryer and many other women to hold well-paying jobs painting the watches. While the future at first looks hopeful and promising for Grace and her coworkers, a mysterious illness begins ravaging the radium dial painters with horrific symptoms. Grace soon finds herself fighting an uphill battle for justice for all the women falling ill. She battles against not only her former employer, Arthur Roeder, but those close to her who dread that her campaign will backfire. Inspired by the true story of Grace Fryer and her afflicted colleagues, Radium Girls’ underdog story explores themes of labor justice, the commercialization of science, and camaraderie.

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