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The Lady's Not for Burning

The Lady's Not for Burning: By Christopher Fry. Thomas is a discharged soldier who is tired of living. To hasten his death, he comes to a town and declares he must be hanged for murder. The court doubts his confession, and refuses to hang him. Besides, they already have Jennet, a young woman accused of witchcraft, sentenced to be executed. Frustrated, Thomas argues with the court on the absurdity of executing someone who wants to live while there is a man who wants to die. The court is confused by Thomas’ banter and Jennet is amused and smitten. They decide to put off the verdicts until the morning, and everyone gathers for the wedding of the Mayor’s daughter – including Jennet and Thomas. A romp of runaway brides, fainting, and romance follows as Thomas discovers a reason to live.

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