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Top Hats

There are many styles of top hats and they go by many different names. So if you are looking for a cylinder hat, a chimney pot hat, a stove pipe hat, or just a plain old top hat The Costumer has the right top hat for you. After all we have been selling hats since 1917 which means that when we started top hats were still in fashion!

Felt Top Hat
Price: $8.98
Flared Wool Felt Top Hat
Price: $79.98
Glitter Top Hat
Regular Price: $6.98
Special Web Price: $4.98
Gray Top Hat | The Costumer
Price: $9.98
Green Vel-Felt Top Hat
Price: $14.98
Mini Lace Top Hat
Price: $9.98
Lamé Top Hat
Price: $12.98
Mini Holiday Top Hat | The Costumer
Price: $9.98