Costume Separates

Faux Leather Jacket
Price: $46.98
Gangster Shirt
Price: $22.98
Gentleman's Kilt
Price: $24.98
Groovy Shirt Adult Costume
Price: $19.98
Raffia Grass Hawaiian Hula Skirt
Price: $11.98
Hippie Vest
Price: $17.98
Lab Coat Costume
Price: $24.98
Lea Canvas Bodice
Price: $25.98
Leonhardt Canvas Jerkin
Price: $52.98
Lilian Canvas Coat
Price: $94.98

Unique costume pieces are at your fingertips!

Tired of the same old costumes? Ditch them for something totally out of the box! Our Costume Separates section is full of vests, jackets, leggings, skirts, dresses, tops, and more so the possibilities are endless.

Use your imagination to create costumes from your wildest dreams. The Costumer can help!

Use our women’s Petticoat Slip Dress as a base for angels, devils, black cats, witches, and lots of other cute and crazy characters.

Need a finishing touch for your outfit? We have Fringed Hippie Vests for you flower children! Need to look the part for a biker convention? Our Faux Leather Jacket will do the trick. (Motorcycle not included!)

Here at The Costumer, we’ve been dressing people up for all manner of occasions for more than 100 years. Let us help you find the perfect look!