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How to Rent a Costume

1. Call us toll free at 1-866-374-7442 between the hours of 10:00 am and 6:00 pm est. Monday through Friday and 10:00am to 5:00pm Saturday to schedule your costume rental. Please have your rental date and credit card ready. Sorry no COD’s.

2. Please refer to the UPS Shipping Map to allow for the proper amount of shipping time. Your costume will be shipping from Albany, New York. You will be responsible for shipping both ways, please call for shipping charges.

3. A 50% deposit is due at the time of reservation.    If cancellation is necessary, a $20.00 cancellation fee is charged prior to the date of shipping.  No refunds are given on the day of shipping.

4. Costumes must be shipped back to us on your scheduled ship date or you will be charged a late fee.

5. You, the customer, are responsible for returning the costume and its parts in the same condition as they were received.

6. Extended rentals can be arranged with the rental agent.

7. Please read our Terms and Conditions


The agreed rental period – day, week, or weekend – and the rate applying to that period, will be determined.  The time spent in shipping is not charged.  However, the parcels must clearly show the return date as agreed upon on the postmark/shipping label of UPS, Federal Express, US Postal Service, or whatever means of return is used.

The Lessee pays for time out, not time used, excluding time in shipping.

There is a cancellation charge of $20.00 per costume plus any alteration fees based upon the time and materials as assessed by the Rentor.  This condition of the Rental Contract begins when the reservation is made.

The Buyer (Lessee) agrees to return on or before the agreed return date, the goods rented or pay additional rental charges per costume or costume pieces for each additional day (or part of day).  The rate of late charges is 20% of the rental amount per each day (or part day) late.

All replacement charges are determined by the Rentor and are based on full retail replacement costs, not depreciated value.

Lessee agrees to pay on time and material basis for any repair charges due to damage.

If costumes or parts of costumes rented by the Lessee are not returned due to mysterious disappearance, damages beyond repair, loss, theft from the Lessee, the Lessee agrees to pay all rental plus the full replacement cost.

Costumes are never to be cut.  Emergency alterations may be made by hand sewing basting only.  Unacceptable alterations include: the use of mending tape, hemming tape, stitchwitchery or glue of any kind.  Rented garments cannot be retrimmed or distressed in any way.  It is unacceptable to alter a costume by dying, spray painting, removing motifs, hand beading or any ornamentation, removing buttons, trims, feathers, ruffles, etc.  Unacceptable alterations are considered damages and will be billed based on the Rentors’ assessment as either repair charges or replacement charges or due to “damages beyond repair”.

Lessee pays all transportation/shipping costs.

Failure to return merchandise, or to pay for damages, or to pay replacement charges, or to pay all rental charges is cause for legal action by The Costumer, Inc. and the Lessee agrees to pay all collection fees, court costs and attorney fees to enforce the terms and conditions of this contract.

The Lessee assumes the risks of and hold The Costumer, Inc. harmless from property damage and personal injuries caused by rental goods.

The Lessee authorizes any additional charges due, to fulfill the terms of this contract, to be applied to the credit card account indicated herein.

Seller (Rentor) makes no representation or warranty of any kind that the costume(s) involved in this transaction resemble(s) any cartoon character, or person, fictional or real.  Seller (Rentor) disclaims any implied warranty or non-infringement of copywrite, patent, or trademark.  Costume(s) purchased or rented by the Buyer (Lessee) were selected or agreed upon by the Buyer (Lessee).  Buyer (Lessee) acknowledges that the Seller (Rentor) has not been advised of the use to which the costume is to be put and aggress to hold the Seller (Rentor) harmless and indemnified of and from any liability for infringement of copywrite, trademark, and patent resulting from use of costume(s) by Buyer (Lessee).

Completion and acceptance of all orders is subject to unavoidable contingencies, such as fire, running of the costumes by previous users, and conditions beyond the control of The Costumer, Inc.


Under New York State Criminal Law:

  • The failure to return rental property is a felony.

  • The presenting of false, fictitious or misleading identification in a rental transaction is a felony.

  • Failure, refusal, or neglect to return rental property within 72 hours after the agreed rental period has expired shall be prima facie evidence of an intent to commit larceny and sufficient justification for the filing of a criminal complaint against the Lessee.

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