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Olaf Plush Hoodie Hat | The Costumer
Price: $12.98
Pilgram Hat | The Costumer
Price: $7.98
Pink Coonskin Cap | The Costumer
Price: $10.98
Rainbow Angel Halo | The Costumer
Price: $4.98
Rhinestone Police Hat | The Costumer
Price: $24.98
Sailor Gob Hat | The Costumer
Price: $3.98
Santa Hat with Beard | The Costumer
Price: $1.98
Shamrock Crown | The Costumer
Price: $3.98
Springy Santa Hat | The Costumer
Price: $6.98
White Flower Headband | The Costumer
Price: $12.98
White Steampunk Top Hat | The Costumer
Price: $24.98
Zombie Beanie | The Costumer
Price: $6.98

Costume Hats

Top off your next costume with a costume hat from The Costumer. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s for Halloween, an office party or any other celebration, if you're wearing a costume, you need a hat and not just any old hat.

Halloween costume hats are popular, but we've got costume hats available for any occasion, at any time of year. If you've got a little Fred Astaire in you, check out our top hat costume hat selection. Feeling a little like Captain Sparrow? Take a look at our selection of pirate costume hats.

There's nothing like a costume hat from The Costumer to get that perfect look.

That’s why at The Costumer we keep a selection of hundreds of hats in stock. Because we know that you need just the right hat to go with your costume.

Hats of every shape, size, and design.

Whatever costume you might be wearing, we've got a hat for you. Our costume hats include:

  • Adult Costume Hats
  • Kids Costume Hats
  • Fedora Costume Hats
  • Top Hat Costume Hats
  • Cowboy Costume Hats
  • Witch Costume Hats
  • Pirate Costume Hats
  • Even Cat In the Hat Costume Hats 

Ladies, we've got the perfect hat for your costume too. We’ve even got tiaras and crowns available, if you're feeling like showing off a little royalty.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hat on now. Shop the selection of hats available at your number one resource for costumes (and costumes hats) - The Costumer.